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Victory in the Battle with Bulimia


Shani-Lee Wallis

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​Shani-Lee grew up in Newcastle, England with childhood secrets that manifested into a battle with Bulimia.


She immigrated to Arizona, where she started to unpeel the complex layers of emotions that her secrets had inflicted. As she incorporated life changing habits into her lifestyle, she was able to heal and overcome her turbulent and dangerous relationship with her eating disorder.

Writing was always just a therapeutic outlet until she realized she had something valuable to share. Turning her own journey of self-help into a path to help others, is how War with Myself was born.


When she’s not working in the mortgage industry or writing, Shani-Lee spends most of her time goofing around with her adventurous family, reading, and exploring new sites with friends. Shani lives a fulfilled life with her husband and four children. Two of which are fur babies.

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"Close the doors that cause you pain, anger, and suffering so you can open the ones that bring you love, acceptance and inner peace."

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Release Date: February 18th, 2022
To those that are still fighting their battle, and those that are struggling to support a loved one. This is for you. ​

​Held captive in a dangerous web by circumstances and fear, Shani-Lee watched the mystery and wonder of her childhood disintegrate leaving behind searing embers of abuse and bullying that scarred her deeply. Desperate to change and to control the narrative of her life, Shani-Lee found herself engaged in a battle royale, not with perpetrators but rather with herself.


War with Myself is an eye opening, heartfelt memoir of one woman’s struggle with Bulimia and the horrific side-effects of the disorder. Courageously, Shani-Lee fought for her life and denied death its victory on several occasions. She eventually found love and a life worth living. She shares this most shocking and compelling story in hopes that the men and women engaged in similar battles will find hope, healing, and peace. It is evident from this profound story that she will surely accomplish her goal and provide a roadmap to victory!


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